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When I was growing up

I loved classical music

And I really loved the rhythm

Of Rock n Roll

But even though the beat

Could move my feet

It was the melody

That moved my soul

Beethoven Beat is an intriguing mixture of many styles of music. It takes you on an exciting journey using the most famous classical riff ever, as a starting point, then bringing in a funky rhythm combined with an almost country acoustic guitar. And that's just the beginning. The deep soulful voice of Paul Seymour is soon joined by the beautiful voice of Huriana, accompanied by an ethereal choir. Suddenly you're plunged into a Middle Eastern feel followed by a great acoustic guitar solo. There is so much to hear in this piece you'll want to listen over and over again.

The other songs on the EP are You Were Here a no frills live recording which tugs at the heartstrings of anyone who has lost someone they've loved. Sydney from the same live concert, which is a beautiful ballad about Paul's hometown, Wrong Into Right a rhythmical ballad about remorse and Knowing You a love song for the woman in Paul's life.
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