The Vegetarian Ethic

The song Maybe JC explores the possibility that Jesus, like so many great people, may have been an ethical vegetarian. There is historical proof that he was, since he was a 'Nazarene' ie: a member of the Essene Monastery in Nazareth. The Essenes were strict vegetarians because they believed it was wrong to kill anything, even plants. They only ate what was given freely: fruit, grains, dairy, eggs, etc. Of course, back then, eggs and dairy were able to be harvested ethically, unlike today.

Vegetarians are much more common these days but many have only made the switch for selfish reasons: they want to live longer and healthier lives, have better sex, save money and not stink as much. Some of us didn't want to give up meat because it tasted good and required less thinking to prepare than vegetarian food but still we decided not to eat the flesh of anyone we could love, ie: animals.

Now, of course, we have the added information that the grazing of animals is singularly the most environmentaly destructive industry. In fact, according to the Australian Government's State of the Environment Report, a few years ago, the situation is so bad that unless we all become vegetarian very soon and stop breeding and grazing cattle, the Greenhouse effect, soil degradation and excess water usage will be irreversable. That virtually means the end of the World!

Add to that the health issue: the biggest killers today are heart attack and cancer. You are 10 to 35 times more likely to suffer and die from heart attack and cancer if you eat a lot of meat. You'll live much longer if you never eat dead animals.

The Vegetarian Ethic has been supported by the most respected people throughout history.

To name just a few:
Buddha, Jesus, Pythagoras, Socrates, St Francis, Leonardo Da Vinci,
George Bernard Shaw, Ghandi, Albert Einstein, Albert Schweitzer,
And famous icons like
Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, Maddonna, John Cleese, Chrissy Hindes, Annie Lennox, Elle McPherson, Natalie Inbruglia, Pamela Anderson, Deni Hines..
..countless other performers, actors, dancers
sports champions and millions of less famous,
healthy, Earth-friendly vegetarians..
all with clear consciences and a secret wish:
Equal Consideration for All Life.
Compassion is genetically built into most mammals
and is possibly why humans evolved and found ‘God’:
to extend compassion to.. and beyond our own species.
Most religions verify this but the ‘Word’ has often been altered
and misused for political or economic reasons.
World vegetarianism is an inevitable reality not only for
survival of life on Earth but perhaps our ‘spiritual’ evolution.



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"There’s a growing number of good people who want to see an end to industries that rape the land and murder enslaved animals. It may take time but it's natural evolution for all humans to recognise equal rights for all sentient beings".




"If slaughter houses had glass walls, we'd all be vegetarian" Paul McCartney

..Human Rights.. ARE ..Animal Rights
Why are human rights important?
Isn't it because we, as thinking, feeling beings, have realised that other human beings, no matter what shape, colour or background, need basically the same things and deserve the same considerations as ourselves?

Some of us thinking, feeling beings have also recognised that not just human animals but all animals, capable of feeling joy or pain, deserve those same considerations.

Human rights are important because we are mortal and vulnerable, ie: Because we are ANIMAL!

Human Rights Are Animal Rights Philosophy



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Being vegan is not just a diet choice, it's a life choice, where everything you do and use has little or no impact on any animal or the environment.


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