radio airplay in u.s.

After sending out a bulk email, including the link to the YouTube clip of 'Maybe J.C.', I received dozens of replies and comments. One reply came from a Washington based radio station called 'Meat-Free Radio'. Tim Corrimal who hosts the shows with co-host Michael in New York, wanted to air the J.C. song and do an interview via Skype, which went ahead on 15th May '09 (episode 19) and was a lot of fun. Tim and Mike asked me questions about my career and about being vegetarian, plus we chatted and joked around. The show finished with 'Maybe J.C.'

My global tv debut

Another reply to the emails was from a global TV station based in L.A. The station is wholely dedicated to saving the planet. Programmes about the environment and how we can help repair the damage humans have done to it, current affairs focussing on good news and animal rights issues are run 24/7. An interviewer and camera operator came to my house and interviewed me