Amnesia and The Pope


Pope Francis: "Paradise is open to all creatures"
Pope Francis: “Paradise is open to all creatures”

If a person suddenly had amnesia and they had no memory of their life and those they loved, would they still be the same person? If not, it begs the question: would they have the same soul?

Some people believe that when we die our soul continues as an individual, retaining its memories of its mortal life. Is it those memories and experiences which have formed the personality of the person, which also constitutes the soul?

Others believe that after death, the life-force returns to a great ‘sea’ of life energy, from which all life comes when each is born, but has no memory of its mortal life. This is similar to the Buddhist belief which was the foundation of original Christianity (i.e.: pre-Roman bastardisation).

When we go to sleep we have no fear. It’s a beautiful experience. We don’t know for sure that we’ll wake up and if we didn’t we’d be none the wiser. I think death is similar.

Perhaps when we die our life-force leaves and takes its memories, or perhaps not. If we do retain them and are once again joined with the others we loved in life, it would be Heaven. If we don’t, it wouldn’t matter if we never saw them again. Belief in the traditional Heaven probably sprang from our desire to see loved ones again but if we don’t remember anything, it wouldn’t matter if there was no afterlife.

Catholics didn’t used to believe animals have souls. Well, as someone once said “If dogs don’t go to Heaven, I want to go where they go”. I agree. It’s interesting, though, that recently Pope Francis stated that all animals go to Heaven and “Paradise is open to all God’s creatures”, despite the fervent arguments of every Catholic I’ve ever locked horns with. However, he was not the first Pope to say it, since Pope Paul VI said something similar in the seventies.

Of course, many people would have assumed His Holiness meant dogs and cats. Surely, the animals who are imprisoned, enslaved, tortured and butchered to satisfy our unnatural taste for blood and secreted lactic fluid, wouldn’t be included in the Heavenly Host. Weren’t they just ‘put’ here for us to mechanically rape and to feast on their babies? No, I think the ol’ Pope meant ALL animals.

I wonder why the sudden change in belief. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that he has taken the name of the patron saint of animals and the natural environment – St Francis of Assisi. St Francis was also co-patron saint of Italy with Saint Catherine of Siena. St Francis was supposedly the first friar to receive the ‘stigmata’ of Christ making him the first recorded person to bear the wounds of Christ’s Passion. He was also an ethical vegetarian. So, if Pope Francis is anything like St Francis… well, I’m not religious and I’m not fond of Catholicism (because of how the Romans completely perverted J.C.’s original, non-violent, vegetarian religion) but, as far as Popes go, this one’s OK.

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