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Christmas in Summer  This song was written at the end of 2018 but didn’t get recorded until the end of 2019, three weeks before Christmas.

New Zealand  This studio version of the song was re-invented from the slower folk-style ballad. Paul invited friends to add their voices and instruments, to enrich this perky, patriotic song.

Sad Faced Girl  A snappy little pop song about female generations, and how “we all change, but nothing really changes”.

Everyday People (’98)  This version of the song was Paul’s first recording after returning to Sydney from Canberra and was a collaboration with a producer.

No-One Like You  A love song not written for anyone in particular but was performed live at Paul’s sister’s wedding in 2014.

Filipino Girl (full version) After spending weeks on a remote island in the southern Philippines, Paul wrote this song about an imaginary lover he left behind.

Filipino Girl (acoustic version) This acoustic version was recorded at the same time as the fully produced one.

Free Woman  Paul’s  band Peace by Piece recorded this song, featuring bassplayer Michelle Bray on vocals. The song got airplay and was instantly popular and charted at #7.

Lover (acoustic demo)  Recorded in the same studio sessions as Filipino Girl and others, this features Paul’s old 12 string guitar.

Never Be Another War  This was written specifically for vegan radio stations in the US and to vent Paul’s anger and frustration at a world too slow in saving itself.

These Things (are surely sent to try us)  This is an old, philosophical  song which finally got professionally recorded in 2000.

Don’t Eat Like a Barbarian   This song was based on a ditty by a girl in the US and became the theme tune of a regular radio show in New York and Washington.

What Does Christmas Mean to You?   This song is neither religious nor smaltzy, yet retains the elements expected in a Christmas song. It is respectful of all beliefs and non-beliefs, with an unexpected last verse.
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What Does Christmas Mean to You? (Acoustic)   This is the original Acoustic Guitar version
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