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Snoring Solution – The Cheap D.I.Y. Cure

Dear Snorer, Before I start, I’ll tell you up-front it will cost you $7(NZ) for my secret and no more than $3 in materials, to make the ‘Snoring Solution’ This is not some internet scam preying on sufferers of snoring. We’ve all heard those annoying ads that bleat on and on about how wonderful their product is. But still, […]

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Bold Plans


  . Before I get to the nitty-gritty… As well as aspiring to be a famous pop-star, when I was young, I also had a plan to save the World. Well, specifically, I wanted to save the animals and the Natural Environment. I was a lot less concerned about saving humans because they were the problem […]

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sheep People assume sheep are stupid but, in fact, it is the people who are too stupid to recognise that sheep and many other animals are actually highly intelligent. It’s just a different kind of intelligence which doesn’t necessarily fit into our pre-conceived idea of what intelligence is. Humans are profoundly arrogant in their assumption […]

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Why the Hell do we snore? Before I get into this, I’ll be honest: I’ve invented a very cheap way of preventing snoring. But this is not just another typical on-line ad, disguised as an innocent blog. If you’re genuinely interested in what makes people snore and why we evolved to snore, then read on. There are many ‘cures’ […]

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The Secret to Happiness and Success?

Many of you may have read things like ‘The Secret’ or ‘The Path of Least Resistance’ before but, just like me, you forget to put the things you learn into practice. These methods do actually work, but you slip back into old habits and then wonder why your life isn’t going the way you want it to. […]

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The Cost of Success

THE COST OF SUCCESS: If I’d ‘made it’ when I was twenty, I would probably be dead by now! And now, at an age when most people retire, my career is just starting to get interesting, and others whom I envied are, sadly, no longer with us. I had a good friend who played in […]

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The Purpose of Life

The Purpose of Life

(Uplifting and occasionally humorous philosophy)
© 2008-2016 Paul Seymour

cropped-Andromeda.jpgIt would be presumptuous of me to say I knew the ‘Meaning of Life’. What does ‘meaning’ mean? What’s the meaning of the sun? What’s the meaning of a dog? ‘Meaning’ is one of those words, so indicative of our analytical human brains. Everything must have a meaning, we think. The Meaning of Life is, I believe, a meaningless expression.

However, I do presume to know the ‘purpose’ of Life. Who am I, as if that’s important? I’m just an average man who was encouraged to think and ask questions from an early age. Rather than having other people’s opinions or cultural traditions forced on me by idiot parents and the like, I was fortunate enough to be taught by intelligent parents, to work things out for myself and to form my own opinions based on observation or study. (more…)

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Hope & Joy

Hope and Joy (The ‘God’ Gene) Paul Seymour © 2010 This may lift you from despair and rekindle your joy. It’s only the perspective of an ordinary man but even ordinary men are sometimes whispered secrets by angels. The questions: “Why are we here”, “What’s it all for” and “Is there any point to life?” […]

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rocket science

It’s Not Rocket Science

IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE It saddens me that the majority of my species is stupid. Christians believe one mythology and hate Muslims, who believe another mythology, hating Christians. Buddhists believe another and love everything Atheists believe in science and hate religion. Most people eat animals and die of cancer. I’m no genius but it’s not […]

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Amnesia and The Pope

AMNESIA & THE POPE If a person suddenly had amnesia and they had no memory of their life and those they loved, would they still be the same person? If not, it begs the question: would they have the same soul? Some people believe that when we die our soul continues as an individual, retaining its […]

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Do People Worship Money?

“Money is not a goal. It’s a process” A few years ago I got sucked into watching something which featured Donald Trump. It wasn’t that idiotic reality show where he played God and hired and fired people, depending on their business performance. He just made an appearance. Remember, this was before his entry into the […]

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Never Be Ashamed of Your Age

Older is Better

Father, Son & Holy Crap
New Music for Grown-Ups

Never, ever be ashamed of your age. For starters, the fact you’ve survived for a long time, proves you can’t be all that stupid. Younger people than you, have yet to prove that. And then there’s the fact that you’ve seen and heard things they can’t even imagine like seeing The Beatles or Led Zeppelin live-on-stage for five bucks! Who have they seen? Who cares?

You know what the trouble with young people is, don’t you? They’re stupid! I was. You were or still are. And when I say young I mean pre-elderly! (more…)

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The Post-Beatles Curse

Beatles 1957“They were driven by a passion to create, not a desire to be ‘Idols’.
And their appeal was the passion, not ‘The Voice’.”

It’s hard to describe the emotions that filled me, while watching the 50th anniversary of The Beatles début in America, back in 2014. A flood of memories from my childhood? Yes, like thousands of other ageing fans, but far, far more than that: Immense joy, immense pain and the overwhelming realisation that those four naïve English boys shaped the course of my life. (more…)

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Life After Earthquakes


2014 Up-date
When disaster hits some part of the World, the rest of the World’s attention span increases from three seconds to three minutes, as they watch the horror on TV.
Yet, three years after our disaster, our lives are still feeling the aftershocks. (more…)

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