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Never Be Ashamed of Your Age

Older is Better

Father, Son & Holy Crap
New Music for Grown-Ups

Never, ever be ashamed of your age. For starters, the fact you’ve survived for a long time, proves you can’t be all that stupid. Younger people than you, have yet to prove that. And then there’s the fact that you’ve seen and heard things they can’t even imagine like seeing The Beatles or Led Zeppelin live-on-stage for five bucks! Who have they seen? Who cares?

You know what the trouble with young people is, don’t you? They’re stupid! I was. You were or still are. And when I say young I mean pre-elderly! (more…)

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The Post-Beatles Curse

Beatles 1957“They were driven by a passion to create, not a desire to be ‘Idols’.
And their appeal was the passion, not ‘The Voice’.”

It’s hard to describe the emotions that filled me, while watching the 50th anniversary of The Beatles début in America, back in 2014. A flood of memories from my childhood? Yes, like thousands of other ageing fans, but far, far more than that: Immense joy, immense pain and the overwhelming realisation that those four naïve English boys shaped the course of my life. (more…)

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Life After Earthquakes


2014 Up-date
When disaster hits some part of the World, the rest of the World’s attention span increases from three seconds to three minutes, as they watch the horror on TV.
Yet, three years after our disaster, our lives are still feeling the aftershocks. (more…)

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