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The Purpose of Life

The Purpose of Life

(Uplifting and occasionally humorous philosophy)
© 2008-2016 Paul Seymour

cropped-Andromeda.jpgIt would be presumptuous of me to say I knew the ‘Meaning of Life’. What does ‘meaning’ mean? What’s the meaning of the sun? What’s the meaning of a dog? ‘Meaning’ is one of those words, so indicative of our analytical human brains. Everything must have a meaning, we think. The Meaning of Life is, I believe, a meaningless expression.

However, I do presume to know the ‘purpose’ of Life. Who am I, as if that’s important? I’m just an average man who was encouraged to think and ask questions from an early age. Rather than having other people’s opinions or cultural traditions forced on me by idiot parents and the like, I was fortunate enough to be taught by intelligent parents, to work things out for myself and to form my own opinions based on observation or study. (more…)

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