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Paul Seymour... To Be Announced: The album, forty years in the making!
This album incorporates ideas which had been developing over the forty years of Paul's musical life. Recording first started in his home studio in Fairlight, Sydney, mid 2004. The final mixing was done at his Manly studio in 2007. Paul played all the instruments, sequenced all backing tracks and did all the layers of vocals except for a voice sample by his partner, Kelly. The album comes with a generous 24 page booklet with all the lyrics clearly printed on individual artwork, plus the hilaroius short autobiography: 'The Album, forty years in the making'. All the artwork was created by Paul.

paul seymour..

to be announced:

15 songs diverse in style, sweeping in emotion and rich with life experience.

Passion, anger and humour are woven together in a layered tapestry of voices, instruments, sounds, intelligent lyrics and some tasty guitar playing. ..............

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