Are Vegans Just as Bad as Religious Fanatics?

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fanatics4Years ago, I had a friend who was a devout ‘Born Again Christian’. He’d been an alcoholic and a gambler and his life had turned to crap, until he ‘found God’ and that saved him. Essentially, in my opinion, he’d replaced his previous addictions with a new one. However, his zeal and fervour for his new-found love was admirable, I must admit. He’d become an honest, caring person who went out of his way to help others. “Christian is as Christian does” he used to say.

Whenever he saw me he would annoyingly try to coax me into coming to church with him or to read the Bible with him. He desperately wanted me to ‘find God’ the way he had, because he truly believed that everyone should take that path. This is, of course, why Jehovah’s Witnesses so diligently go door to door trying to convert people.

This is how most people see Vegans. They’re judged as zealots who believe in something most people don’t, and who constantly try to ‘convert’ the masses into following that lifestyle.

After all, eating meat, dairy and eggs has become normal in human society for thousands of years. So, to try to change that tradition in people who, clearly, enjoy consuming that food, or buying leather, fur or lambs-wool products, obviously gets the same sort of resistance as religious zealots do, trying to convert us to love Jesus.

There are a lot of similarities between religious zealots and vegan zealots but there is an enormous difference, as well:

People who have ‘found God’ or taken Jesus into their lives, as I said before, are sometimes people who desperately needed to replace a destructive ‘addiction’ in their lives with a much healthier one but, more often, they believe they are doing God’s bidding by trying to sway an unwilling public back to the Church.

People who have ‘found Veganism’ and take universal compassion into their lives, seem, on the surface to be just like Jehovah’s Witnesses or Christians, believing their kinder, healthier lifestyle is the way everyone should live, and that they are doing necessary work, to get an unwilling public to become vegan.

The difference is this:

Religion is belief in a deity and/or unconditional love for a Messenger who taught kindness and deference to God.

Veganism is based on the knowledge (not belief) that animals, people and the Earth are suffering for unnecessary food.

It may seem ‘normal’ to eat meat, cheese and eggs but, according to science, it is completely unnatural, that is: it’s not what our bodies are ‘designed’ for, and that’s why so many people get sick and die young. It’s become accepted as normal and, of course, it’s hard to change old ways, especially when you’re surrounded by friends and family who consume these unnatural products, without conscience or full understanding of the danger. Naturally, you don’t want to seem weird or different. It takes true strength and courage to go against popular belief and most people, let’s face it, are actually weak and cowardly.

This is, unfortunately, why many vegans have become pariahs in society, who are angry at the ignorance of the masses. Some become reclusive hermits, not wanting to socialise with ‘meat-munching monsters’, others become protesters or even saboteurs. Most vegans, however, just enjoy a healthy life, but suffer every day, for the misery of our animal brethren, and resent the people who cause so much harm by their selfish choices.

People treat them like annoying bullies, who, like their religious counterparts, are trying to ‘save’ them. More often, they’re not trying to save them, at all. They’re trying to save the innocent beings who scream in pain and lose their whole life for ten minute meals. The strange irony is that many vegans are also atheists – probably because they can’t believe in a god who would allow so much suffering. Many vegans, however, are highly spiritual because they believe that ‘life force’ or the ‘soul’ exists in all living things, not just people. Apparently, even Pope Francis now states that animals have a soul and go to Heaven. We can only hope that, like his name-sake St Francis, who was a vegetarian animal lover, he becomes the first vegan Pope.

So, legally, you have the right to buy animal products. Morally? That’s a different question. If it was legal to download child pornography, would you? No. Not just because you have no desire for it but because you believe it’s immoral to support an industry which satisfies a perverted taste, by causing suffering to the innocent. Well, vegans believe the same, except ‘the innocent’ includes animals as well as children. Even though it’s legal to buy meat & milk, it’s considered immoral to support an industry which satisfies a ‘perverted’ taste, by causing suffering to the innocent.

So, go easy on your vegan friends. At the rate Veganism is growing, they’ll soon out-number you. Vegans are trying to save the lives of innocent animals and starving children. They’re also trying to save the Earth from an eco-disaster which, despite the denial of ignorant people or self-serving politicians, has already begun affecting the weather and will eventually turn Earth into a furnace, like our sister planet Venus has become, because of carbon emissions.

In conclusion, the bottom line is:

Religious people are trying to save your soul.

Vegans are trying to save Life.

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