WHITE SKIN: A Mistake by Nature?

White skin was probably a mistake by Nature!

I once read an interesting article written by an anthropologist, which explained that all early humans were coloured!

Melanin in the skin is nature’s way of protecting us from over-exposure to harmful radiation from the sun. That’s why the indigenous races in hot climates are naturally darker skinned than those in cooler climates. So anyone who claims sunlight is totally harmless can take it up with Mother Nature. Moderate sunlight is good for you but the intense ultra violet end of the spectrum can actually be lethal.

Even animals who lack colouring in exposed skin, are more prone to skin cancer than darker ones. Like white cats who can get cancer on the tips of their ears. It’s very common.

Humans first appeared in hot places like Africa. Back then, anyone born without melanin would probably not have survived long. This is probably why, for centuries, tanned skin has been considered more attractive than pale skin, because it gives the appearance of good health and the abilty to survive longer. For a short period in history very white skin was made fashionable by the wealthy elite, to boast that they didn’t have to work outside in the sun. They even emphasised it by wearing white make-up made from lead oxide which, of course, killed them, since it’s poisonous. Very pale skin is also reminiscent of illness. Natural selection ensured continuation of coloured people.

As the climate changed or when humans migrated to colder places, the one in every thousand (or whatever) people who was short-changed by nature, on melanin, would have been able to survive and to then have babies with the same genetic trait. And so they multiplied and hence the ‘white’ races were born.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with having pale skin. Especially these days when there are other ways of protecting your skin but, I believe, it’s not just conditioning that makes a little bit of skin colour more appealing than very pale skin (to most people, not all). It’s built into our DNA.

There’s no shame in white skin but the darker the skin colour is, the more slimming it is because it enhances the three dimensional aspect of a body. Anyway, putting a bit of fake tan on is no different than putting make-up on to cover skin blemishes, or colouring hair to cover unwanted grey.

But hey… everyone is free to be whatever colour they want.

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