Worldwide Awakening

skinnedIn Medieval times people were gutted, skinned and burnt alive and this was accepted by society. In time these practices were stopped because they were considered too cruel, whether the victims were guilty or innocent. Yet, in our ‘civilised’ world, a billion animals a week are subjected to these tortures because most people think animals ‘are not like us’, so they don’t deserve the same considerations.

butcher-pig2The truth is WE are like them because we are animals. We feel pain, grief and terror because we are animals, not because we’re human. It follows that they FEEL just like we do (and that’s now been proven by science). They suffer unimaginable agony so that we can have a few moments pleasure at the dinner table, or so we can have some new pharmaceutical / cosmetic product or expensive pair of shoes.

Ever since humans have captured, enslaved, tortured and killed non-human animals, they have done the same to people. Before our ancestors were forced by Climate Change, to hunt, before farming, before meat and dairy became industries, humans, apparently, lived in peace. VIOLENCE BEGATS VIOLENCE!

There has to be a Worldwide Awakening. Humanity MUST become humane, or we simply won’t survive. And unless we all stop paying for the torture of innocents, unless we stop animal agriculture, our beautiful planet will be dead, we will be dead within 50 years.

Climate Change forced us to be violent towards animals a million years ago. Now Climate Change is forcing us to stop.

Please share this message with everyone on Earth.

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