About You

This website isn’t just about
Paul Seymour.
It’s about you

Paul’s just a guy who writes songs and stories, and invents things sometimes.
Most artists, bands and businesses will tell you WHO they are.
Then they’ll tell you WHAT they do.
They’ll even try to convince HOW you’ll benefit from buying their products
but the big question is: WHY do they do what they do?
Why did Michelangelo paint?
Why did Beethoven compose?
Why did Edison invent?
Explore this site, sample Paul’s wares and you will be inspired because
Paul Seymour has been inspired all his life to create music, art and literature
and what would be the point if it wasn’t all for you?
Some of this site is dedicated to bringing you good music.
Some is about fiction and fantasy.

And some is dedicated to the most important philosophy on Earth.
There will be something here for you, most assuredly.
Happy browsing!

Meet the Maker

A Jack of All Trades & Master of Several

    Paul has been composing and developing music since the age of eight

    Songwriter, Arranger, Producer

    First Band at 14, First Pro Gig at 17, 2000 Live Shows

    Singer, Guitarist, Bassplayer

    Paul has been writing stories since childhood, and articles which have been published

    Writer of Fantasy & Fact

    He talks the talk, walks the walk & lives the life, defending ALL life.

    Animal Defender, Environmentalist, Humanitarian
My Boots Ain't Made of Leather
A song about a cowboy who sees the light