The ‘V’ Word


Animal Activism / Vegan Promotion
We have a dream, I have a plan. Together we can change the World.    (Read and help)

ANIMAL ACTIVISTS – The work you do is exemplary. Anyone who even wears a ‘Go Vegan’ T-shirt is helping the cause. Posts on Facebook are also an important contribution, although we are often ‘preaching to the converted’. And, of course, those out in the field – the battlefield – doing hands-on activism, raising awareness, etc, are real heroes. I spent ten years risking life and liberty, saving animals, with my sister (who was president of Animal Lib, Canberra). So this is not ‘armchair philosophy’ when I say:
WE ARE NOT ACHIEVING ENOUGH. Asking people to see grisly pictures and footage of animal cruelty helps but, from my forty years of experience, it alienates us with many people. Promoting ‘healthy’ vegan food helps too but is ignored or scoffed at by the ‘meat and potatoes’ people.

So, I believe the way to the World’s heart, is through it’s stomach!

IMAGINE THIS: In every city in the World, if every supermarket, every restaurant, every café, every bakery, every take-away food shop, every hot-dog stand… had vegan alternatives – not just the nominal one or two ‘vegetarian’ alternatives – vegan versions of ALL the items they sell: meat, fish, chicken, cheese, sour cream, etc… THOUSANDS, EVEN MILLIONS of people would try them. Imagine walking into a café/bakery, being spoilt for choice and ordering two vegan sausage rolls and a ‘beaf and cheeze’ pie!!

We have the numbers. There are enough vegans worldwide, scattered in every city, in every country, to make this happen. We need a coordinated assault:- thousands of us must swamp EVERY retailer and food outlet in our districts with a barrage of requests for proper vegan alternatives and suggestions, AND a list of suppliers they can source the products from.
This will, in turn generate interest in creating more viable alternatives or importing more products from established manufacturers in Asian countries (where, because of Buddhism, meat alternatives are abundant). And, despite the purist views of some vegans MEAT ALTERNATIVES ARE ESSENTIAL, initially, at least, to convert the masses.

I spoke to a friend who owns a chain of Indian restaurants about providing these kinds of alternatives and she was dubious at first, until I reminded her that in Christchurch, alone, there were ten thousand potential customers who would want to patronise her restaurants if there were real vegan substitutes like ‘Butta Chiken’ or ‘Lam Curry’. She got very excited about the idea.

TEAM LEADERS ARE NEEDED in every city, worldwide. These people will be in charge of contacting all the willing vegans in their local area and making sure they all have the necessary information before they start their assault. They’ll also need to contact all suppliers of vegan products and get them on board. After all, it could increase their business greatly if this plan works.
PLEASE VOLUNTEER if you think you’re up to the task.

In time the massive increase of supply and demand could HELP THE ECONOMY. This is something the governments should be made aware of, especially the new anti-vegan Climate Deniers in the White House. Farmers would be encouraged to stop breeding animals and plant soy, grains, chia, quinoa, etc. The VEGAN WORLD we dream of could be closer than we thought. But let’s not just dream. We need to act, and quickly.
We needed a name for this project. I’m using: ‘The V Word’ because to many people, Vegan has become almost a dirty word. So, let’s play on that.

Please share this widely. If you are on-board, go to ‘Contacts’ on my website and flick me an email so you can be added to the mail list for this project but mention The ‘V’ Word, so I know you’re on board.
Also, feel free to explore the rest of my website. There’s a lot of inspiring stuff for everyone: vegan-friendly music, stories, blogs, recipes, etc

I trust that you will help generate some interest in this project. I think you’ll agree that it could really work. Activists in EVERY city and town must be contacted and recruited.
Peace and Goodwill to all Beings,                                                PLEASE SUBSCRIBE (email)