New Songs – E.P.

new songs

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This was the first recording done in New Zealand. Tracks from the To Be Announced album were still getting airplay and the videos for two of the songs had been seen all around the World, but Paul wanted to make a real statement with a song he’d written many years earlier.

‘My Boots Ain’t Made of Leather’ had been waiting to be given life for over a decade. Despite many difficulties, including major earthquakes just at a time when Paul’s live performances were set to promote his wares in Christchurch,  this song and and three others were released as an E.P.

The acoustic version of ‘One World One People’ from this E.P. was chosen for a video which got global airplay on the same TV channel that the ‘Maybe J.C.’  did a year earlier. The third song, a  gentle love ballad: I’d Still Have You (recorded as a ‘one-take-wonder’) is offset by the dark and edgy sci-fi-esque:
‘If I Were with You’