Not Rabbit Food

Some people think vegans live on lettuce and lentils!

When people are better informed about how good vegetarian / vegan food can be, millions more will adopt the diet and this will save the World. Below is a promotional idea designed to attract cynical flesh-eaters and curious shoppers to try vegan substitutes:

Not Rabbit Food

“But where do you get your protein? What would we eat?”
Take a look at this mouth-watering ‘steak’ created totally from plant protein. (See ‘The Gentle Chef‘).
A balanced vegan diet has all the protein and more usable iron than a meat diet, and no cholesterol.

Beaf Steak

The same amount of actual beef, as the vegan ‘beef’ in this picture, would have cost the earth FIFTY times as much water to produce (10.000 litres for 1 kg of beef or 1,000 gallons for 1 pound!) and it would have cost an innocent animal’s life and a half acre of trees.
It would also have cost a child’s life! Millions starve to death every year because food they could eat is used to fatten over-bred populations of meat animals, which are destroying the Earth.

“Unless the World becomes vegan, the World will die”
~ United Nations statement, 2010

“The future of meat is vegan” ~ Bill Gates