T-Shirt Transfer Designs

These designs are to be printed onto heat transfer (iron on) sheets.
Remember: the actual downloads are reversed so that they iron on the right way round.

The transfer sheets are available from most stationary stores and can be printed on by standard ink-jet printers. Follow the instructions on the pack, carefully for best results.

For a mere $1.50(NZ) or $1(US*) you get 3 sizes of each design or for $14 or $9.50(US*)
you get all 14 designs (3 sizes of each). [*Currency conversion November 2017]

Profits from the sale of these items (and my music and short stories)
are used to further promote Veganism and Animal Rights. If you want these items, heaps of other vegan ammunition, my written and recorded works, PLUS FREE ADVERTISING, go to www.Patreon.com/SeymourVegans and become a patron for as little as $1 per week

Click here to take you to the download page for any or all of these designs

Rescue Worms(t-shirt) Don't Judge(t-shirt)
* *
Taste blood(t-shirt) ffs(t-shirt)
*  *
Hunters(t-shirt) C#nt(t-shirt)
*  *
vegan 4 kids(T-shirt) Meat Hurts(t-shirt)
*  *
V(t-shirt) Tolstoy(t-shirt)
*  *
Adopt Say Cheese
Animals Feel(t-shirt) Keep Cats(t-shirt)
* *