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Short Tall Tales
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What seems like an ordinary phone conversation, on an ordinary day convinces a young couple that extraordinary events are taking place.
Is it an elaborate practical joke or is the unprecedented ‘Aurora’ messing with time? 

Before Aftershock

After a terrible earthquake a man tries to save his wife and faithful dog from certain death but realises he might be dead himself. Inspired by the events of the Christchurch Earthquake, February 2011. 

Coincidentally Soft Glass

An amazing marvel of science which defies logic, is retrieved from an accident. It becomes responsible for intertwining the lives of several people: an old man, two lovers, a famous writer and a murderous criminal who will stop at nothing to reclaim the miraculous device. 

Hell Hill

A dysfunctional family takes a road trip which goes terrifyingly wrong. In a town which time forgot they experience things they can’t believe. Pursued by an angry mob and then a hideous monster, they meet a strange character who will either save them or eat them. 


In a world where a dreadful disease runs riot, a damaged man, grieving the loss of his sister and brother-in-law, meets two strangers who look much like them.
They have a plan to save the World from the disease, bring back his two loved ones but it will forfeit their own lives in the process. 

Lucky Lucy

A delightful little story about a kind-hearted Aussie bloke who sees an amazing cat with the uncanny ability to survive North Sydney’s dreadful traffic. His interest in the cat, leads to proof of his belief that every animal has a purpose, when it saves the life of a very fortunate schoolgirl. 

Mirror Image

The suspenseful tale about identical twins who are opposites in character. One is Hell-bent on his own gratification and the other is over protective of his brother. The relationship between them takes a sickly turn to deceit and murder, when they both fall for the same woman. 

Missed Call

A distraught woman, whose husband has gone missing, starts receiving ‘ghost’ phone messages from him. He instructs her to do some seemingly strange things.
However, her actions, following his direction, have astounding and life-saving results. 

Something Clever

The philosophical story of a young teacher and her efforts to encourage a student to overcome peer pressure and develop his writing skills. Unbeknownst to her, this endeavour will help her to overcome her own naïvety, from an old fashioned upbringing, and to find love. 

Saving Grace

When an exuberant woman explores a notoriously dangerous cave, her own adventure becomes a rescue mission. But something is terribly wrong. No-one wants to help her except a crusty Scotsman but then the mystery deepens and results in a mind-boggling twist of fate. 

The Clown

An accountant, bored with life, stops at a carnival to buy hot-dogs despite his absolute terror of clowns. To his horror a clown follows him home. An unexpected turnaround of events opens up a childhood tragedy and a forty year old mystery is solved. 

The Fourth Victim

An odd love story of two Cambridge University students who share the same space – a Victorian apartment – but not the same time. Over a hundred years separates them yet they are linked by a mysterious power and a series of unsolved murders. 

Short Tall Tales (all 12 Stories)

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