The Secret to Happiness and Success?

The Secret to Happiness and Success

Many of you may have read things like ‘The Secret’ or ‘The Path of Least Resistance’ before but, just like me, you forget to put the things you learn into practice. These methods do actually work, but you slip back into old habits and then wonder why your life isn’t going the way you want it to. You wonder why you’re still stuck in a boring job, or why you’re still in debt (or why your latest song hasn’t sold a million copies on iTunes – c’est moi!).

However, despite my slipping back into old habits, I must tell you this: I now have the life I wished for because twenty-odd years ago I put ‘The Path of Least Resistance’ into practice. It took a while but worked like a charm – I got the best relationship I could have imagined with the most wonderful woman, I got fulfilling work which I look forward to every day and I got a comfortable, happy lifestyle. My problem, now, isn’t my personal needs. I want the World to be a happier, more caring place.

As you will discover, when you read on, you can’t wish for others to change or for the World to change. You can only wish for changes in yourself which will make you a better, stronger, more successful person who is then in a better position to help change the World.

In my case, I wanted to see an end to animal cruelty, factory farming and environmental destruction. I was bombarded with horrible images of cruelty and with information about the environmental catastrophe our children will inherit – all as a result of humanity’s unnecessary use of animal products. Although my intention has always been to help bring an end to this horror, I was focussing too much on the negative and trying to change others. All that did was make me angrier, more frustrated and unable to make any change.

I forgot to keep practising the method which had brought me personal happiness and extended it to bring me more success in my work. I knew that by being successful in marketing my music and other ‘products’ I’d be far more able to instigate positive changes in the World – like promoting delicious vegan food, rather than forcing people to see the horrors their present choices cause.

So, while I personally try to sell a billion copies of my songs on iTunes and my website shop using the method below, maybe you can get what you deserve in life by reading and practising ‘The Secret’.



One of the oldest secrets known to humankind has been used by the most famous and most successful people throughout history, to achieve their success, yet it’s available for everyone to use.

Most of us just don’t know how. We can have the things we most desire using this ‘Secret’.

It’s called:

The Law of Attraction

This isn’t just silly ‘New Age’ philosophy or the latest far-fetched craze. It’s a process which is thousands of years old and the greatest people throughout history have used it almost without exception. Scientists have verified that it works for valid scientific reasons, too.

It can’t be used to do harm.

It can’t be used to manipulate other people.

It can be used to create good health and even cure cancer.

It can be used to create ‘wealth’ but not always to create money.

 The Universe is like a Genie which grants your every wish.

Whatever you ask for you’ll get but be careful…

*If you say things like: “I hate my job” or “I’m sick of being in debt” you’ll continue to hate your job and you’ll continue to be sick from debt!

*If you complain about people or situations, the more you’ll have to complain about.

What you resist, persists.     In other words:

Ask the Universe for what you truly want, not what you don’t want.

Be still, take the energy or focus from what you don’t want and put it on to what you do want.

Do this often, several times a day.

Some things to remember –

The three most important steps to having what you want in life are:


Most people can’t tell you what they want, just what they don’t want. Think about it carefully. You must clearly ask the ‘Genie’ what you really want, not for the ‘process’ or what you think you need to get the result you desire. Don’t ask for a plan or work out the steps you’ll need to take. e.g: rather than seeing yourself studying medicine, see yourself as a doctor. Don’t choose to eat health foods, choose to be healthy. No matter whether you think it’s possible or whether you deserve it…

Ask for the Result by imagining it. Don’t just think it, feel it. Experience the emotion, in your imagination, of having it. How would feel if you lost that weight or had that dream house?

You can’t just ask for money because it’s not a result. Just a means to an end, like ‘health foods’. It’s part of the process. You can ask for the good life money might bring.

You can’t ask for a certain person to be your partner but you can ask for a fulfilling relationship. Don’t just sit on your bum and expect it all to happen magically. You’ll need to put a little effort in too. They say the definition of stupidity or even insanity is to continue to do the same things but expecting a different result. You may need to change your patterns of behaviour so the Universe can do what you asked for.


In order for the results you want to manifest you must believe that they will. This is easier said than done. We are conditioned to being cynical, especially when it comes to seemingly magical stuff like this. Try to remember that every great political or spiritual leader, every famous artist, actor or pop-star and every multi-millionaire that ever was, believed they would be what they became, long before it happened. In fact they became that person in their own minds even when they were unknown or poverty stricken. If it worked for them it will work for you if you believe it.

Be realistic though – if you’re tone deaf there’s probably no point wishing you were a great singer or if you’re short, wishing you were tall. But… who knows? So believe with all your heart that your chosen result is already starting to manifest from the moment you start to create it in your mind, because that’s where everything man-made in our world started, as a thought or idea that someone believed would become a reality. Know no doubt and it will be.


Possibly the hardest part of this three part action is actually receiving what you want when it appears. Sometimes the result may appear in a form that’s not what you expected but you must receive it with gratitude. It’s likely you’ll discover later that it is exactly what you wanted but you couldn’t see it. Too often people almost reject gifts because they feel unworthy which often makes the giver feel rejected or insulted. No matter how worthy or not, you feel, when a gift appears welcome it and give thanks for it and surely more will come your way.

Gratitude is vitally important. Before you can visualise the things you want you must be grateful for the good things you have. Even if your life is hard and seems empty you will find things to be grateful for. Give thanks for the roof over your head even if it isn’t your dream home. Give thanks for the food on your table even if it isn’t gourmet selections. Find things to be thankful for and openly verbalise your thanks to the Universe. Then begin to visualise the results you want.

Some other things to remember:

*Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you.

*You cannot change or control others, you can only change yourself and others will change themselves.

*There is no secret mission the Universe has in store for you, that you must discover. You alone choose what your mission in life is.

*You become what you think about.

So, here’s what you need to do:
1) Work out the result/s you want (avoiding words like ‘not’ and ‘don’t’)
Write it in simple positive terms, in bold lettering, and put it where you’ll see it often.
2) Believe it will happen
Every time you repeat your wishes, close your eyes and imagine how good it will feel.
3) Receive it with gratitude
Be thankful for good things you have already and for when your wishes come true.

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