Vegan Songs

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Although this album is free, it was originally a fundraiser for The ‘V’ Word, so a small donation would be greatly appreciated (scroll to bottom of page).

This album is a collection of eight songs, some of which appear on other albums.

The songs either have a vegan theme or are vegan / animal-rights friendly and are quite diverse in styles, ranging from gentle ballads to raunchy rock and a bit of humour thrown in. THIS ALBUM IS FREE BUT YOUR DONATIONS (bottom) WILL BE USED TO FUND ANIMAL RIGHTS CAMPAIGNS

Since this album is being released as a Christmas Special, the first track is a Christmas song which has a final chorus with an animal-friendly message. There’s also a uniquely different version of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ with a never-heard-before animal-rights verse.
Play this sample media to hear a short snippet of each song:

Vegan SongsSongs: What Does Christmas Mean to You?, Maybe J.C. (was a vegetarian), My Boots Ain’t Made of Leather, Don’t Eat Like a Barbarian, One World One People, Imagine, Never Be Another War, One World One People (acoustic version)

If you’d like to hear samples of other songs, go to the
‘New Music for Grown-Ups’ page where you can also download album artwork.

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